Why Choose Us After High School?

Apr 22 2019

Smiling girl in a white dress and graduation cap.

Graduating from high school is a big deal. It’s time to think about what to do next and make big decisions that could impact your future. Applying to cosmetology school can be a great option if you want to work in the beauty industry. As you weigh your options for which school to attend, we’d suggest considering Douglas J Aveda Institute. Here are a few reasons why!

Prepare for Your Future

We run our student salon like a real salon because we want our students to be ready for the future. Our curriculum isn’t only focused on giving you enough information to pass a test. It’s about shaping you into a business-minded, confident beauty professional. To become an in-demand beauty professional, you need to know how to connect with guests on social media and in real life. The Douglas J Aveda Institute educators can teach you how to master both.

Woman giving a man a haircut.

Learn With Modern Technology

It’s the digital age, so you better believe we’re teaching our students using current technology. We were one of the first beauty schools to give all of our students an iPad to use for learning. With their iPad, students have access to LearnAveda, a revolutionary, self-paced digital learning platform. This program allows students to view our entire curriculum from any location. That means you can learn on the go without worrying about heavy textbooks or notebooks!

Make a Difference

Do you like making others feel happy? As a beauty professional, you could do that every day. Beauty is a powerful thing. A new hairstyle, relaxing facial or beautiful makeup application can take someone’s confidence from zero to 100. If you want a job where you can work with people and make an impact on them, working in the beauty industry could be a great choice for you. On top of helping guests feel great, Douglas J Aveda Institute also participates in community service with a variety of organizations.

Girl with stylish pink hair and sunglasses.

Work With Aveda Products

At Douglas J Aveda Institute, you can also help make a difference on the planet. Aveda products are all made from eco-friendly products. That means you can practice your skills using professional products that are also sustainable. Aveda is a renowned brand in the beauty industry. Working with these products can help you prepare to work in a salon after graduation.

Make Us a Part of Your Future

Choose Douglas J Aveda Institute for your beauty education! Our cosmetology program is focused on teaching important practical, technical, and business skills. Contact us today to learn more!