Why Douglas J Aveda Institutes Insist on Raising the Standard of Education

Sep 11 2018

selfie on an ipad at douglas j
Did you know that every student kit at the Douglas J Aveda Institutes contains tools of the trade including digital education that can be accessed right on your own device?

Why? Because technology helps elevate the beauty industry, and our students should be well-educated in the tools they need to keep their personal brand and businesses up to par with the industry demands.

How Douglas J Aveda Institutes Use Tech in Teaching

Students’ curriculum is hosted partially online on a learning management system. This system supports educators in making sure the curriculum is standardized across classrooms and relevant across years. Now that the tech in the classroom is standard, IT problems that take once took a few days become minor blips that take very little time to resolve.

Digital curriculum also lets students take notes and learn in new ways. From recording in-class demonstrations to at-ease note taking, allowing students to learn in an innovative way. A curriculum that is focused on the future of our industry is exactly what we are focused on at the Douglas J Aveda Institutes.

Tech + Beauty: A Match Made in Heaven

So what does technology have to do with the beauty industry? Why do we stress the use of tech in our classrooms? Simple: it’s the future!

How often do you book a hair appointment online? Where do you go to shop the portfolios of makeup artists? Where do you receive your appointment reminders? Social media, email and even SMS text messaging are all important pieces in the day to day life of a beauty pro. Many cosmetologists, estheticians and massage therapists setup online accounts to help organize and book appointments. They host their portfolios of work online on social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook, putting client interaction at their fingertips.

New Students, New Learning Styles

With each new graduating class, we have more and more students that have learned with a similar learning platform. With the integration of technology in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and even some colleges, we didn’t want to be left behind; we wanted to lead the pack!

Beauty school students thrive in nontraditional learning environments. That means that long-winded lectures and shorthand note taking don’t typically help our students learn in the most effective way. Our technology allow students to learn in a more hands on way. They are also given quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to learning. If one students needs to watch the same video three times and one needs it five, they have the option to pause and play as much as they want!

Why We Insist on Raising the Bar

The beauty industry moves at a rapid pace. The latest and greatest tools and trends are coming at us faster and faster! Why hold our students back by refusing to accept the new norms? There’s plenty of new ways to learn and absorb information!

At the Douglas J Aveda Institutes, we believe in preparing our students for the real world as best we can. There’s nothing we want more than to create highly-prepared and excited students! We just wouldn’t be the same schools if we weren’t ready to take on the newest challenge. We want to continue to raise the level of education we offer because we know it’s what is best for our students.

For an education that’s always innovating and learning, contact us! You can learn more about our cosmetology, esthiology and massage therapy programs by calling our admissions office: