Why Self-Care Matters Now More Than Ever

Written by: Jase Bonifield

Why is Self-Care So Important Now?

Practicing self-care is so crucial now more than ever. As most people are stuck at home and working remotely, it’s become harder and harder to separate our work lives from our personal lives.

And this, ultimately, throws us off-balance. This is why Suzanne Rohan Jones, associate instructor for Maryville University’s online psychology program and a career counselor, explains that it’s become so much easier to experience stress and burnout — even though we’re just at home. She told the online publication Thrive Global that the key is to be mindful of your pain points and to be kind to yourself, as she says that setting realistic expectations for how long you need to accomplish work tasks and personal commitments will “set the stage for more acceptance and less anxiety.”

For instance, it’s important to have self-control when it comes to your routine. Train yourself to always set aside time for a good introspection of your personal needs, whether it’s after remote work hours or before going to bed. That said, practicing self-care allows you to reconnect with yourself, and thus discover which parts need healing. Not only does this ground you, but it also provides the peace that you deserve in life.

How Can You Practice Self-Care?
To help you take care of yourself better in these trying times, here are some of the best ways to practice self-care.

Take Care of Your Skin
Caring for your skin is far from selfish. In truth, it means that you’re investing in the health of your body’s largest organ. Indeed, our team here at the Douglas J Aveda Institutes previously shared how looking after your skin will help protect it from tough seasonal changes like dry skin during the winter and sunburn during the summer. And you give your self-confidence a boost when your skin is clear and glowing. You can even care for your skin by having a facial treatment at a Douglas J Aveda Institute.

Practice Meditation
Our thoughts can bring out the worst in us as we face the uncertainty of today’s world. In this regard, make sure to incorporate a mediation practice into your routine. Insider highlights how it can help lower your cortisol (the stress hormone) levels, while also increasing your self-awareness. Sometimes, you just need a few deep breaths to put things back in perspective.

Say “No”
While it’s always great to help out, you should always know your limits. When you try to please everyone around you, you’re left with no time to look after yourself. If you have too much on your plate, don’t be afraid to say no. At the end of the day, you can only care for others if you know how to care for yourself.

How Can You Help Others Practice Self-Care?
If helping others with their self-care sounds rewarding, consider a career as an esthetician. As an Esthetician you can help others to not only take care of their skin, but also add relaxing practices to their daily routine and reduce stress. Our esthiology program focuses on treating the skin from within on top of treatments like facials, extractions and safe hair removal. With makeup artistry being as popular as it is, this program also covers modern makeup application techniques, color matching and product sanitation. Program length varies by location.

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