Why Skin Care Matters

Jan 07 2019

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[Updated 2019]

Wintertime is one of the busiest seasons of the year. it may seem like you don’t have the time to give your skin the attention it deserves, but not this winter! Take the time to treat your skin with the extra attention it needs against the cold and dry air. You’ll thank yourself when your skin is glowing like the holiday lights this season. Read more to find out just how important skin care is, especially in the chilly months to come.

Your Skin May Dry Up Without Proper Care

It’s important to keep your skin moisturized no matter the season, but with the cold air biting at your skin and lower humidity levels, it becomes even more crucial to moisturize during winter. No one wants to have dry and flaky skin, but that’s what could happen if you neglect to care for your skin. Not only does dry skin just not feel or look good, but it can also lead to premature wrinkles.

Drinking water should also be an important part of how you keep your skin moisturized. There’s nothing worse than having dry and chapped lips when you’re trying to enjoy the season’s festivities. Water is important for maintaining healthy skin and a clean lifestyle.

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Everyone Has a Different Skin Type

Do you have a friend who seems to go through winter without using any type of moisturizer and somehow always manages to have flawless skin? If you do, then don’t feel bad if you can’t get away with that no-effort regimen. Your skin type won’t be the same as your friend’s and most people need to put in that extra care to keep their skin glowing.

You may already naturally have dry skin and you might have to put more effort into your skin care routine during the dry winter months. Don’t compare your skin journey to anyone else because yours is unique to what your skin needs.

Learn more on how to build your skincare routine based on your skin type.

Skin Care Is an Ongoing Process

You might be acknowledging the importance of making skin care a necessity in your life, but maybe you’re questioning if you really need to care for it everyday. After all, winter is a busy time and it would be so much simpler if you could just apply at the beginning of the season and call it good. This is not the case!

Keeping up a daily skin care routine is a must if you want to ensure that your skin stays looking healthy all winter long.

Your skin can do amazing things like constantly repairing and regrowing itself.This means that even if your skin is looking moisturized at the beginning of winter, it won’t stay that way throughout the season. It’s not easy making sure that your skin gets the treatment it needs, but it’s more than worth it.

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Taking the Time Now Can Benefit You in the Future

Your skin is important to you, so why not do everything you can to care for it? If you’re worried about spending time and money taking care of your skin, then it’s even more important that you properly care for it now. Some effort now will save your skin in the future. To avoid bigger and more expensive problems down the road, commit to making skin care a daily necessity!

Want to Learn More About Skin Care?

If you have an interest in skin care and a desire to gain in-depth knowledge about how to best care for skin, you might consider becoming an esthetician. How can you find the best esthetician school for you? Here at Douglas J Aveda Institute we offer an esthiology program that can help prepare you for a future career as an esthetician. We have both day and evening classes that may fit your busy schedule. Don’t hesitate to contact us and find out more about how an education at Douglas J Aveda Institute can help you pursue your passion for esthiology!